Assistant Professor Biology, California State University, Fullerton

I was raised in sunny Southern California and spent most of my life in and around the ocean. I completed my B.S. degree in Marine Biology at California State University Long Beach where I discovered my love for scientific research on sharks and rays. Following graduation I worked in a toxicology lab as a gas chromatography mass spectrometry analyst until I enrolled in a Ph.D program at the University of Washington's Friday Harbor Laboratories. This is where I fell in love with the wonderful world of functional morphology, biomechanics, fluid mechanics, and materials testing. 


I completed my doctoral degree in Biology (biomechanics and functional morphology) and continued my training at Arizona State University as a Post Doctoral Scholar in Dr. Lara Ferry's laboratory. 


In Fall 2014,  I joined California State University Fullerton's (CSUF) Biology Department as an Assistant Professor of Biomechanics. My lab focuses on multiple topics in functional morphology and comparative biomechanics of marine systems. I am now accepting applications for Master's students for the Functional Anatomy, Biomechanics, and Biomaterials (FABB) Lab. Interested students should click here for more information about applying to CSUF.


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Students interested in joining the FABB lab should contact Dr. Paig-Tran directly. Include a short statement of who you are and your research interests. It is helpful to include an updated C.V. 

*Remember, before contacting any professor about joining their lab, make sure that you do your homework. Know what their lab does. Try to read one of their papers or at least an abstract from their papers. Have a possible research question ready to discuss. This impresses P.I.s and gives you the advantage over students who have not taken the time to look into what happens in that lab.


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